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Bob, not Bob!

 *To be read as though you have the worst cold ever




by Liz Garton Scanlon & Audrey Vernick
pictures by Matthew Cordell
Disney – Hyperion








Poor Louie!  He has the worst cold ever and feels terrible.  His ears are crackling, and his nose is clogged.  He doesn’t want to watch TV. He doesn’t want to color. He is just plain miserable, and wants his mother.  Because his nose is so stuffed up, whenever he calls for Mom it comes out Bob. And Bob the dog comes running. Little Louie’s cold continues to get worse, and everyone gets more and more frustrated because no one can understand what Louie wants – his MOM! Finally, out of frustration Mom gives up and goes to bed accompanied by Louie and, of course, Bob.  Slowly, Louie gets over his cold. His ears stop crackling, and his nose unstuffs, and everyone can understand him when he calls for Mom or Bob.

Everyone can relate to what poor little Louie is experiencing which makes this a perfect read-aloud at this time of year.  Children will be chanting along with “Bob, not Bob!” But, of course you have “to read it as though you have the worst cold ever.”

PreK-Grade 3

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