Book Review

WhereverWherever You Go



by Pat Zietlow Miller
illustrated by Eliza Wheeler
Little, Brown and Company


Follow a rabbit on his journey along roads that take him through the countryside, into the cities, over mountains, down into valleys and along rivers. Along the way he gains a travel companion and makes new friends who join in the fun and wonder at the myriad of beautiful and interesting sights. At the end, he finds the roads can also take him home again.

The colorful and intricate illustrations by Eliza Wheeler will draw children in and bring them back again and again to examine the many scenarios within these whimsical illustrations.

Told in rhyming verse, the author encourages the reader to seek out new adventures and not worry if they all do not turn out well. Life like the roads the rabbit travels can take you anywhere you may want to go and bring you home again. The choices are yours to make.

An ideal book for this time of year for a youngster getting ready for a vacation trip or going off to camp. Also, similar to “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss, this is an appropriate gift for a graduate who will be starting out on a new road in life.


Education Resource Center
University of Delaware