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Dragon’s Extraordinary Egg

dragon's extraordinary egg


Debi Gliori




Bib, the little penguin, begs his mother to read him his favorite bedtime story about dragons. The story begins with the time when dragons couldn’t find the right place to live so they made a home on top of an ice mountain to wait out the long winter. When spring came, eggs came with it. All the dragons had an egg, except one little dragon. Lonely, she went off by herself and stumbled upon an egg without a mommy. She loved and cared for it and when it hatched, the dragon had her own Little One. But Little One was not like the other dragons. She didn’t grow big and strong, breathe fire, or fly, but love and time gave her the greatest gift of all – courage, even when the little dragons teased her. When the big dragons were away, Little One found that sometimes things happen for a reason. She warned the little dragons of the impending volcanic eruption, but Little One couldn’t fly away with them. Again, she found that sometimes things happen for a reason as she slid down the mountain and found a lonely egg at the bottom. She loved and cared for the egg just like her mother had cared for her, and, when it hatched, it was “ME”, shouted Bib! Next time, maybe grandma dragon will read Bib his favorite bedtime story.

Bestselling Author Debi Gliori has written and illustrated more than seventy-five books for children. A tender loving story about adoption, individuality, destiny and character strengths, this touching picture book is recommended for ages 4 years and up.

Kristi Halberg
Education Resource Center
University of Delaware