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Edward Hopper Paints His World





Robert Burleigh
Paintings by Wendell Minor
Henry Holt and Company



From a young age, Edward Hopper wanted to be an artist. While other boys played ball or ran races, Edward painted the things he saw. In the early 20th century, he studied in New York and Paris and took a job illustrating for magazines, winning awards for his work, but he most wanted to paint things that moved him deeply, like places which were quiet and alone. Even when he painted in the city, “He was looking for what other artists didn’t paint. He wanted to paint what others didn’t see. Edward wanted to paint what only he saw.” He traveled with his sketchbook working slowly and methodically, often with his wife painting by his side. He used art instead of words to tell a story. His paintings displayed light and dark in new and dramatic ways. Initially, his paintings didn’t sell, but it didn’t stop him from painting. Edward held true to his own vision despite adversity. Finally, years later, people began to appreciate his special, mysterious, still, calm world. His paintings became popular and were displayed in museums.

Author Robert Burleigh brings one of America’s best-known painters to life, exposing the man he really was, while Wendell Minor displays beautiful colored illustrations of his paintings and life. This nonfiction title includes an Afterword, Hooper on Art, Four Hooper Paintings, Important Dates, and an Artist’s Note on Images in This Book and is recommended for readers 5 years and up.

Kristi Halberg

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