Book of the Week

The Bear Ate Your Sandwich

bear ate your sandwich




Julia Sarcone-Roach
Alfred A. Knopf



You came back from playing, and your sandwich was gone! Where did it go because you know you didn’t eat it? The truth, you are told, is that the bear ate it. You ask “What bear?” The bear that woke up that morning to the delicious smell of fresh berries which he found in the back of a truck. After eating his fill of these wonderful berries, he fell sound asleep. The bear woke in a new forest of concrete and brick instead of trees and grass. In his exploration of this new forest, he came across your sandwich. A sandwich you left all alone on a park bench. What else could he do, but eat it? But, he was discovered, and he took off for home leaving you with an empty lunchbox. You wonder “Is this the truth? Was there really a bear? Or did someone else eat my sandwich?” The real culprit is unmasked on the last page.

The delightful illustrations of the bear exploring his new forest will amuse both young and old. A great read aloud for any age group.  This is a book worth rereading and can lead to many lively discussions of similar situations.


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