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Gold Medal Winter

gold medal winner





by Donna Freitas
Arthur A. Levine Books
313 pages



A motivating fiction story for any young female athlete, Gold Medal Winter was timely released during the heat of the Sochi Olympics.

“Espi! Espi! Espi!”  The crowd roars wildly as she stands in the center of the ice.  Is this a dream?  Esperanza Flores, a self-made ice skater sewing her own costumes at 10 years old, makes the last spot on the Olympic team at age 16.  While her immigrant mother works two shifts a day at a local Italian restaurant, a former Olympic gold medalist coaches her for free in a home backyard arena.  It is two weeks before the Winter Olympics and her coach is planning for an Olympic gold – ready to unleash a secret weapon that has never been done before in female competition.  Espi wants to win gold for the endorsements so she can make life easier for her mother.  She must stay focused on skating and ignore the pressure of the media, adoring fans, and even a couple boys who suddenly appear in her life.  Coming from a small Rhode Island town, the extreme on and off ice drama takes everything she has to manage, and the team competition flops.  She will have to defy all odds to bring home an individual gold.

Author Donna Freitas is a fiction and non-fiction writer of young adult and adult books, and holds a Ph.D. from Catholic University; she consulted U.S. Skating Champion, Rachael Flatt (who makes a brief appearance in this book), to produce this title which is recommended for ages 10 years and up.


Kristi Halberg
Education Resource Center
University of Delaware