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Cancer Hates Kisses





By Jessica Reid Sliwerski
Illustrated by Mika Song
Dial Books for Young Readers





This well written book candidly covers all aspects of what a family is experiencing when the mother is diagnosed with cancer.  The stages of treatment from diagnosis through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are addressed directly in terms easily understood by children without elaborate details.  Emphasis is placed on the support and love the family and others can provide during this stressful time. The illustrations, done in muted pastels, enhance the spare text and provide a soothing background.

This book should be an essential part of every collection as a resource for anyone trying to cope with cancer.

Included are an endorsement of the book by a cancer specialist and a note from the author, herself a cancer survivor, about her reasons for writing the book.  Part of the proceeds go to support Mount Sinai Hospital’s Dublin Breast Center.


Grades PreK and up.