John Rocco Disney Hyperion unpaged


Snow, snow and more snow! There is nothing more exciting for children than school closing early. In a small town in 1978, they gleefully sat at home watching the drifts loom higher and higher until they reached so high that they couldn’t [...]






The World’s First Movie Star Dog


Emily Arnold McCully Henry Holt unpaged


Hollywood movie director and animal trainer, Larry Trimble, and his wife, Jane Murfin, a screenwriter, had a vision – to make silent films starring a hero dog. In 1920, they met Etzel von Oeringen, a [...]

Outside In






Sarah Ellis Groundwood Books 206 p.


Which is the parent and which is the child? Lynn feels like a casualty of her mom Shakti’s new-age lifestyle. Why does Shakti have the freedom to express herself and the liberty to do whatever she wants when it is often at [...]

Secrets of the Manor





Adele Whitby Simon Spotlight



Every secret leads to another in the Secrets of the Manor series. Beth and Kate are the great-great granddaughters of Robert and Mary Chatswood. In 1914, their lives are occupied with gowns, jewelry, ballroom dancing, hairdos, and servants. While their local communities [...]

Dragon’s Extraordinary Egg


Debi Gliori Bloomsbury unpaged




Bib, the little penguin, begs his mother to read him his favorite bedtime story about dragons. The story begins with the time when dragons couldn’t find the right place to live so they made a home on top of an ice mountain to wait out the [...]

Super Sniffers


Dog Detectives on the Job


Dorothy Hinshaw Patent Bloomsbury 48 p.




Computers are not our only experts. Super sniffing dogs are hard at work doing amazing things around the world. They perform search and rescue operations and disaster recovery, working off leash in dangerous terrain. Military dogs locate intruders [...]

The Luck Uglies




Paul Durham illustrations by Pétur Antonsson HARPER 387 p.




Drowning Village has its share of trouble. Women and girls are not allowed to read. The Laws of Longchance by the present Earl forbid it. In addition, unjust curfews, fines, and floggings have been levied, and history books such [...]

Remy & Lulu


Kevin Hawkes with miniatures by Hannah E. Harrison Alfred A. Knopf unpaged




Lulu, the dog, lived in a studio with a great portrait painter on the Rue de Rivoli until it was sold. She was starving and wandering the streets when she found a struggling painter named Remy. He uses [...]

The Family Romanov

Murder, Rebellion & the Fall of Imperial Russia





by Candace Fleming Schwartz and Wade 292 pages



“Were we all, the whole upper crust of Russian society, so totally insensitive, so horribly obtuse, as to not feel that the charmed life we were leading was in itself an injustice [...]

Forget Me Not







by Nancy Van Laan illustrated by Stephanie Graegin Schwartz and Wade unpaged



Grandma loves forget-me-nots. They spill all over her garden and are embroidered on her table linens. Julia loves spending time at Grandma’s house – Grandma’s eyes twinkle like candles on a cake. They [...]