Lantern Sam and the Blue Streak Bandits








by Michael D. Bell Alfred A. Knopf 277 p.



Cats have nine lives. Lantern Sam, a rare male calico, has used eight of his. He’s a regular Sherlock Holmes. He calls home the Lake Erie Shoreliner which travels from New York to Chicago, a [...]

The Hero’s Guides








by Christopher Healy Walden Pond Press (HarperCollins)



In “The Hero’s Guide” series, Cinderella, Rapenzel, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White all have one thing in common: they were each saved by a “Prince Charming”. The bards popularize the four Princes in ballads, but [...]

The Tweedles Go Electric







by Monica Kulling pictures by Marie Lafrance Groundwood Books unpaged


Readers today can’t remember a time when cars weren’t the normal mode of transportation. Author Monica Kulling’s fiction story, The Tweedles Go Electric, with colorful illustrations by Marie Lafrance, highlights this historical transition.

The Tweedle family [...]

The Summer I saved the World … in 65 Days






by Michele Weber Hurwitz Wendy Lamb Books Random House Children’s Books 265 pages


Author Michele Weber Hurwitz wrote this book in answer to these questions: Can small acts of kindness really change our world? Is electronic communication actually making families and neighborhoods more disconnected than connected?

On the [...]

Duck & Goose Go to the Beach







by Tad Hills Schwartz & Wade unpaged


Duck and Goose are relaxing in the meadow when Duck decides they need an adventure. Goose who is not very open to leaving his meadow, reluctantly follows Duck on a hike to a distant hill. From the top of [...]

Better Off Friends

by Elizabeth Eulberg Scholastic Point 276 pages


New kid on the block = Levi. Grief stricken teen = Macallan. First day of 7th grade. Macallan is relieved to put the summer and her mother’s unexpected death behind her, but she isn’t thrilled about having to play guide to the new guy from [...]




by Sara B. Larson Scholastic Press 323 pages




Balance tyranny, insanity, intensity, and dignity, add a sword-fighting heroine disguised as a hero, mix with war, romance, intrigue, sorcery, and a lesson on the value of inner beauty and true love, and you have a book you can’t put down [...]

The Story of Buildings




by Patrick Dillon illustrated by Stephen Biesty Candlewick Press 95 pages




At first, people “didn’t have tools strong enough to shape wood or cut rock. They didn’t know how to glue stone or stiffen clay. So whenever they could, they made their homes in caves…How people left caves [...]

The Forbidden Stone



Book 1 of The Copernicus Legacy


by Tony Abbott Katherine Tegin Books HarperCollins 423 pages



“Uncle Henry…dead?” Wade couldn’t believe it. Retired Professor of Astronomy, Heinrich Vogel, had just sent Wade’s father a secretive email with a coded message including predictions which immediately came true – this could be [...]

A Boy and a Jaguar





by Alan Rabinowitz illustrated by Cátia Chien Houghton Mifflin Harcourt unpaged



Stutterers were once barred from classrooms for “disrupting the class”. Some were labeled disturbed children, yet many could sing or talk in private without stuttering. In A Boy and a Jaguar, the boy finds something in common [...]