Gold Medal Winter





by Donna Freitas Arthur A. Levine Books 313 pages



A motivating fiction story for any young female athlete, Gold Medal Winter was timely released during the heat of the Sochi Olympics.

“Espi! Espi! Espi!” The crowd roars wildly as she stands in the center of the ice. [...]

Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy




by Karen Foxlee Alfred A. Knopf 228 pages



Save the world? Ophelia Jane Worthington-Whittard is sprightly and rational. She is not brave nor gullible. Science is the only thing she has faith in. She does not believe in wizards, ghosts, magical swords, spells, or an evil Snow Queen, especially [...]

Zane and the Hurricane

A Story of Katrina


by Rodman Philbrick Blue Sky Press 181 pages



New Orleans. A place Zane had no interest visiting, even though his late father grew up there and his great-grandmother was desperate to meet him. He wanted to spend the last week of summer lounging around with his dog, [...]

The Port Chicago 50

Disaster, Mutiny, and the Fight for Civil Rights





by Steve Sheinkin Roaring Brook Press 200 pages



During World War II, African Americans found the United States behind the times – a couple hundred years behind. Despite protocol, thousands had fought with Washington to defeat the British, a few [...]

Manor of Secrets




by Katherine Longshore Scholastic 321 pages




Author Katherine Longshore’s latest novel takes place in the yesteryears of British aristocracy – a subject with which she has extensive experience. It was a time when the lifelong ambitions of Ladys, Lords, and Earls consisted of an elevation through marriage or [...]

Scott of the Antarctic




by Evelyn Dowdeswell, Julian Dowdeswell and Angela Seddon Heinemann Library, 2012 32 pages


To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s Antarctic trek, this book for primary age children about Scott has been written by experts in the field of glaciology – with input from a teacher friend.


The Line




by Paula Bossio Kids Can Press unpaged




This wordless picture book demonstrates what one simple pencil line and your imagination can do. A little girl discovers a line which transforms into a series of shapes for her to enjoy – a slide, a hoop, a monkey bar complete [...]

The Cats of Tanglewood Forest and Seven Wild Sisters

The Cats of Tanglewood Forest

Seven Wild Sisters


by Charles de Lint illustrated by Charles Vess Little Brown and Company

World Fantasy Award winning author Charles De Lint is the benchmark of contemporary fantasy folktales and has recently partnered with World Fantasy Artist Award winner and illustrator Charles Vess to produce two [...]

Son of Fortune




by Victoria McKernan Alfred A. Knopf 390 p.




Son of Fortune is the latest historical fiction adventure story written by award-winning author Victoria McKernan. Written with emotive expression and set in 19th Century America, readers are quickly pulled into a struggle for survival in the Wild West. Aiden [...]

How to Catch a Bogle





by Catherine Jinks illustrated by Sarah Watts Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 313 p.




This book is particularly creative, aptly named, and true to its title: How to Catch a Bogle. It is set in Victorian London, where few believe in bogles (dangerous beasts which lurk in chimneys, sewers, [...]