Scott of the Antarctic




by Evelyn Dowdeswell, Julian Dowdeswell and Angela Seddon Heinemann Library, 2012 32 pages


To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s Antarctic trek, this book for primary age children about Scott has been written by experts in the field of glaciology – with input from a teacher friend.


The Line




by Paula Bossio Kids Can Press unpaged




This wordless picture book demonstrates what one simple pencil line and your imagination can do. A little girl discovers a line which transforms into a series of shapes for her to enjoy – a slide, a hoop, a monkey bar complete [...]

Son of Fortune




by Victoria McKernan Alfred A. Knopf 390 p.




Son of Fortune is the latest historical fiction adventure story written by award-winning author Victoria McKernan. Written with emotive expression and set in 19th Century America, readers are quickly pulled into a struggle for survival in the Wild West. Aiden [...]

How to Catch a Bogle





by Catherine Jinks illustrated by Sarah Watts Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 313 p.




This book is particularly creative, aptly named, and true to its title: How to Catch a Bogle. It is set in Victorian London, where few believe in bogles (dangerous beasts which lurk in chimneys, sewers, [...]

The Mysterious Woods of Whistle Root







by Christopher Pennell illustrated by Rebecca Bond Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 215 p.




Part fable, part fun, and part fantastic! The Mysterious Woods of Whistle Root is like a neighborhood of make-believe encompassing a light, refreshing mystery full of twists, turns, and an unpredictable storyline. Young [...]

Nikki & Deja Substitute Trouble





by Karen English illustrated by Laura Freeman Clarion Books 108 pages




Early readers are written exclusively for students, but the intended audience for this early reader may be extended to teachers. From beginning to end, the story captivates interest by addressing two of the greatest mysteries in [...]

Papa is a Poet

A Story About Robert Frost


by Natalie S. Bober illustrated by Rebecca Gibbon Henry Holt & Co. unpaged




Robert Frost was one of the finest voices in 20th Century American Literature. Author Natalie Bober has adapted her biography, A Restless Spirit: The Story of Robert Frost, and the personal journal [...]






by Jonah Winter illustrated by AG Ford HarperCollins unpaged




Published exactly fifty years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, JFK is sure to interest young readers. This picture book is very personal and specific – it answers why an Irish Catholic public servant became President [...]

Wings of Fire

Tui T. Sutherland Scholastic

Are you looking for a captivating series for middle school students? Author Tui Sutherland’s intriguing Wings of Fire is a guaranteed winner. Girls and boys can’t put these books down and wait on the edge of their seats for the next one to be published.

Book One, The Dragonet Prophecy, [...]

Lara’s Gift





by Annemarie O’Brien Knopf Books for Young Readers 193 p.








Are you looking for an unconventional fiction story for one of your young students? Try Lara’s Gift by award winning author Annemarie O’Brien.

Lara was a Russian girl who was trained to do [...]