Peace Bell

Peace Bell By Margi PreusIllustrated by Hideko Takahasi Henry Holt unp.

108 temple bell tolls on New Year’s Eve to chase away the worries of the world !

That was the tradition in Ohara, Japan until World War II. Because of war needs, temple bells were donated to […]

Amazing Peace

AMAZING PEACE,A CHRISTMAS POEM By Maya AngelouPaintings by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher Schwartz & Wade unp.

First written in 2005 for the White House Christmas tree lighting, Maya Angelou’s poem elicits those moments when the holiday season breaks down divisions and animosities to celebrate community.  Clearly, Angelou was writing out of the […]

Santa Duck

SANTA DUCK By David Milgrim Putnam unp.


David Milgrim infuses humor in this simple story of a duck (Nicholas, aka Santa Duck) who is mistaken as Santa by the other animals. Readers follow the story line but are also amused by the conversation bubbles the author/illustrator gives […]

Little Brother

LITTLE BROTHER By Cory Doctorow TOR 384 p.


Move over, fans of Orwell’s 1984, we have a contemporary version that will surely stir discussion. Cory Doctorow has placed technologically savvy teens in the wrong place at the wrong time, putting them in conflict with Homeland Security. This […]

Twelve Terrible Things

TWELVE TERRIBLE THINGSBy Marty KelleyTricycle Pressunp.

What might children say are the twelve most terrible things that could happen to them? Marty Kelley takes you up close and personal as the illustrations put the reader/viewer in first person position. From the front endpapers where it appears the […]

Wabi Sabi

WABI SABIBy Mark Reibsteinart by Ed YoungLittle Brownunp.


This beautiful and sophisticated picture book attempts to help the reader have a better understanding of wabi sabi. Because literal translations cannot capture its meaning, Reibstein and Young have given us a combination of story, poetry, […]

Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek: A Tall Thin Tale

ABE LINCOLN CROSSES A CREEKA TALL, THIN TALE(Introducing His Forgotten Frontier Friend)

By Deborah HopkinsonIllustrated by John HendrixSchwartz and Wadeunp.


With the upcoming Lincoln 200th birthday celebration in February, publishers have taken advantage of increased interest and […]

The Hunger Games

THE HUNGER GAMESBy Suzanne CollinsScholastic407 p.

In the future nation of Panem there are twelve districts. Every year one girl and one boy between the ages of twelve and eighteen are chosen to represent their district in The Hunger Games. From these twenty-four young people there can […]


BIRDBy Zetta Elliotillustrated by Shadra StricklandLee & Lowunp.

Bird is both the nickname given to Mehkai by his Granddad and a symbol used throughout the book. This verse novel is a gentle look at a young boy’s ability to cope with both his brother’s tragic spiral into […]

Animal Poems of the Iguazu, Animalario del Iguazu

ANIMAL POEMS OF THE IGUAZUANIMALARIO DEL IGUAZUPoems by Francisco X. Alarcomillustrations by Maya Christina GonzalezChildren's Book Press32 p.

In tribute to the Iguazu National Park and the animals who live within, award-winning poet, Francisco X. Alarcon, wrote these poems during his visits there. Paired with vividly colored […]