Jon Sterngrass Benchmark Books 143 pages

Controversy!: Steroids by Jon Sterngass is a crash course on anabolic steroid usage in the United States that explores the issue from every conceivable angle – political, philosophical, aesthetic, biological, historical, ethical – while steadfastly resolving not to take a position on steroids. That is left up to […]

The Butt Book

Artie Bennett Illustrated by Mike Lester Bloomsbury 32 pp.

The Butt Book is a hilarious take on the body part that has most been neglected. It is no doubt a picture book that kids will love. Many different kinds of rear ends are pictured, from small to large, round to flat, and even animal […]

The Popularity Papers

Amy Ignatow

Amulet Books

208 p.

Amy Ignatow’s The Popularity Papers targets the pre-teen audience in a charming yet straightforward way, addressing some of the common trials and tribulations of the adolescent girl through the voices of Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang.

The plot is simple enough: Lydia and Julie are fifth graders who […]



By Clive Gifford

Marshall Cavendish

30 p.

Tell Me About… Sports: Soccer is an excellent resource for parents and children alike who are interested in learning about the great game of soccer. In addition to talking about the global impact of soccer and highlighting some current and former male and female players from […]

Thank you, Miss Doover

By Robin Pulver

Illustrated by Stephanie Roth Sisson

Holiday House


Thank You, Miss Doover is a great book to be read aloud to students who are learning the art of writing friendly letters, specifically thank you notes. Miss Doover, the teacher, instructs Jack and the rest of his class on the proper […]

Carmen Learns English

By Judy Cox

Illustrated by Angela Dominguez

Holiday House


Throughout the United States many children are beginning school this September with limited knowledge of the English language. Carmen, the protagonist in Judy Cox’s newest book, documents her initial reservations and subsequent triumphs in becoming a bilingual student. Carmen’s teacher, Senora Coski, speaks […]

Guinea Pigs Add Up

By Margery Cuyler

Illustrated by Tracey Campbell Pearson



In the children’s book Guinea Pigs Add Up by Margery Cuyler an animal theme is combined with a math theme to tell the charming story of Mr. Gilbert’s class pet and pets. Children will enjoy guessing along with Mr. Gilbert’s class what animal he […]

One Crazy Summer

Rita Williams-Garcia


218 p.

Rita Williams-Garcia’s newest book, One Crazy Summer, targets a somewhat younger than usual audience but charmingly addresses mature themes and important social issues.

The deceptively simple plot centers around the narrator, 11-year-old Delphine, and her 8 and 5 year old sisters Vonetta and “Fern,” who leave the East Coast […]



Keith Baker

Beach Lane Books


This is not your ordinary alphabet book. This is a book of exceptionally active peas demonstrating how dynamic learning the alphabet can be. Each letter of the alphabet is accompanied by groups of peas happily involved in activities or occupations, some rather unique, that begin with […]

After Ever After


by Jordan Sonnenblick



In a varied format, including emails, Instant Messages, and lists, this book follows protagonist Jeffrey Alper as he navigates his eighth grade school year. Along with the usual awkwardness and angst of middle school, Jeffrey also struggles with his identity […]