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Give Bees a Chance





By Bethany Barton






Edgar doesn’t like bees, mainly because of their stingers and venom which cause painful bee stings. Edgar’s friend, the narrator, attempts to convince Edgar of the finer attributes of bees. The narrator explains that there are about 25,000 different kinds of bees, some of which are pictured on the endpapers, and that they have been around for millions of years.  The narrator goes on the explain the social structure of the colony, bee anatomy, and bee stings.  There is a 2-page spread on honey production, including the fact that it takes two million flowers and thousands of bees to make one pound of honey! The narrator also explains the important role bees play in food production by acting as pollinators of fruits and vegetables. And what about bee stings? If you don’t bother the bees, they won’t bother you. They are only acting in self-defense.

Barton’s comic book style is sprinkled throughout with bit of facts and trivia and lots of google-eyed bees that make you want to give bees a chance.  If you like this book, check out Barton’s other book – I’m Trying to Love Spiders.

Grades K-3.


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