Acquisitions         January -April 2016

Early Childhood

  • Incredible Flexible You: A Social Thinking Curriculum for the Preschool and Early Elementary Years, Vol. 1
  • Selection of Life Skills books for Children by Julia Cook
  • Large selection of Newbridge/Sundance big books for science, math and social studies (in process)


  • Miracle Sound Lavalier microphones for Apple iPhones, iPads, and Smartphones
  • Sony Bluetooth Wireless Microphone Systems for iPhones, iPads, etc.


  • Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th
  • The Feedback Loop: Using Formative Assessment Data for Science Teaching and Learning by Erin Marie Furtak
  • Solar Science: Exploring Sunspots, Seasons, Eclipses, and More by Dennis Schatz
  • Uncovering Student Ideas in Earth and Environmental Science: 32 New Formative Assessment Probes by Paige Keeley
  • Teaching Geography, 3rd ed. by Philip Gresmehl
  • The First US History Textbooks: Constructing and Disseminating the American tale in the Nineteenth Century by Barry Joyce
  • Preparing Students with Disabilities for College Success; A Practical Guide to Transition Planning
  • Disability and Teaching by Susan L. Gabel


  • Brigance Inventory for Early Development, III (BIED-III)
  • Multidimensional Anxiety Scale for Children (MASC 2)
  • RIAS-2 Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales (2nd) and the RIST-2 Reynolds Intellectual Screening Test (2nd ed.)
  • UNIT-2 Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test (2nd)