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By Sam Usher
Templar Books, Candlewick Press




In this follow up to Usher’s book Snow, a little boy wakes to a rainy day and is excited by all the wonderful things he hopes to do in the rain – splash in the water, see everything upside down in the reflections on the puddles, and catch raindrops in his mouth.  Granddad, however, is busy with very important letter and tells the boy they have to wait for the rain to stop. The boy occupies himself reading a book about a sea voyage and suggests they go on a voyage with sea monsters.  Again, Granddad wants to wait for the rain to stop and finish his letter, so the boy reads about Venice and suggests they visit a floating city with a carnival.  This time, Granddad has finished his letter and can’t wait to post it.  The rain has stopped briefly, so off they go into the flooded street.  The boy’s imagination takes off, and they are soon on a gondola surrounded by a floating carnival.  They post the letter and return home to dry socks and hot cocoa to reflect on the day. Granddad leaves us with the perfect take-away that the best things are worth waiting for. The bright watercolor drawings bring the boy’s imagination to life, perfectly illustrating the watery reflections in the puddles and the colorful chaotic carnival.


Grades K-3.

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