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Robins and How They Grew Up




By Eileen Christelow
Clarion Books
48 pages




This nonfiction book about robins is a fun read for children.  The story is told by two young robin brothers and covers everything from how the parents met to their troubles with a cat who wanted them for lunch.

The author, Eileen Christelow, is also the illustrator of the colorful, factual, picture drawings. The author wrote this book because she became fascinated with the robins that nested in her shed.  She observed them and waits for robins to return to her shed every year.  It shows the eggs in a nest, the baby birds hatching and follows them as they grow feathers, learn to find their own food, fly into the trees and hide from predators.

This book will be a hit with children as they follow the robins through this informational story. Second graders can probably read this without help. Teachers will find the pictures and the story good for a classroom reading and a resource for the children to draw pictures of robins. This book could be a resource, along with bird nests, egg fragments or pictures of those things. The students could go on a nature walk to look for birds and identify robins during their walk.

Ages 6-9.

Barbara Mitchell
Class of 2018
College of Education and Human Development

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