SMARTboard Facility

The Education Resource Center in Willard Hall is equipped with a SMARTboard, Model 865i for use by faculty and students in the professional education programs.

The SMARTboard is installed in a non-scheduled classroom and is available on a reservation basis.  Room capacity is 30.  The facility is equipped with a computer with SMART software (including advanced Math Tools),  internet connection, and SMART document camera (with Mixed Reality Tools for 3-D content).  Several laptops with SMART software and a SMART Slate (wireless) are available for loan.  Several computer workstations with SMART software are available for use in the ERC.

  • Faculty may schedule hourly time periods for modeling SMARTboard  teaching practices for their students for a maximum of three (3) sessions on a first-come, first-scheduled basis.  The room may not be scheduled as the regular meeting room for courses.
  •  Orientation sessions by SMART certified trainers may be scheduled to familiarize faculty and students with the SMARTboard technology. Group and individual sessions may be scheduled and can be adapted to the needs of the audience.
  • Students in the professional education programs may schedule ½ and hourly sessions to develop and practice lesson plans based on the SMARTboard for use in their placements and coursework, with faculty/course sessions having priority.  Technical assistance by SMART certified trainers is available as needed.
  •  The facility is available for conferences and meetings where a SMARTboard is required, with faculty/course sessions having priority.

Scheduling may be done by contacting the Education Resource Center.  CALL 831-2335 or e-mail Chris McBride ( to schedule the room.