Zoom In  –  a free, Web-based platform that helps students build literacy and historical thinking skills through “deep dives” into primary and secondary sources.

Teach the Books You Love  – features books for 5-12 teachers that are not on the CCSS list but have the text complexity information.

CAST  – an educational research and development organization that works to expand learning opportunities for all individuals through Universal Design for Learning.

Digital Public Library of America  – a free, open and accessible national digital resource of over seventeen million items from more than 2,300 institutions.

History News Network

Q-files – a fully comprehensive, free-to-user, advert-free online encyclopedia specially designed for children.”

Teaching Books.nNet  – a database of instructional materials will enliven your K–12 reading and library activities.

Creating Music  – an educational website that lets kids make music and learn about concepts like pitch and tempo”

The Toymaker –  paper toys to print and assemble.

NASA Kids’ Club – search hundreds of resources to support STEM curriculum by subject, grade level, type and keyword.

Mr. Eduhowto – creative ways to integrate technology in the classroom

Funology  – creative activities, jokes, science experiments, recipes, etc.

Science Bob – go-to site for all things science and science fair.

NSF Resources for STEM Education, K-12

Lesson Corner – online resources for teachers
Gnowledge – a free-to-use education platform to create, publish, share and take tests, exercises and assignments

Bookmarking websites:

Symbaloo  www.symbaloo.com
Bundlr  www.bundlr.com
Diigo  www.diigo.com
Pinterest www.pinterest.com
ScoopIt  http://scoop.it
Listly  http://list.ly
Mindomo  www.mindomo.com

College@Home – 100 places to find free webinars and tutorials

Annenberg Learner  – Teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum

Timeline Tools

Free Technology for Teachers by Richard Bryne