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Winter Dance





By Marion Dane Bauer
Illustrated by Richard Jones
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt





As the first snowflakes of the season fall, a young fox wonders what he should do. As he wanders through the forest, he encounters other forest dwellers who tell him how they each spend the winter.  The caterpillar wraps up in its chrysalis; the turtle burrows into the river bed; the bats hide in the cave; squirrel gathers acorns; geese fly south; snowshoe rabbit turns white, and bear hibernates in a log. Of course, none of these will do for fox, so he lies down as the snow continues to fall. Suddenly, he hears a whistle and sees a white-tipped tail and a pair golden eyes.  It is another red fox who tells him what foxes do in the winter.  Just like the falling snowflakes, the foxes spin and twirl and dance among the snowflakes.

The Jones’ illustrations beautifully portray the muted winter landscape and the foxes’ reddish orange coat.  See if you can find the snowshoe rabbit in the snowfield. This is an excellent introduction for preschool and early elementary students to the winter season and different winter behaviors of animals in the forest.

Who knew that foxes play in the snow?

Grades PreK-3.

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