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Wolf in the Snow





By Matthew Cordell
Feiwel & Friends






This almost wordless book, except for a few howls and barks, follows the plight of a little girl and a wolf pup lost in a snowstorm.  It begins snowing as a little girl leaves school, and she soon becomes lost in the storm.  At the same time, a wolf pup is separated from his pack. The two meet up.  In the distance, they hear the wolf pack howling for the pup.  The pup is too small to get through the snow, so the little girl carries the pup in the direction of the howls. They travel across the fields, cross a river and encounter some scary animals, but trudge through the snow until they meet the pack.  The pup rejoins the pack, and the little girl goes on her way.  She hears her dog barking in the distance and heads in that direction.  Though she is warmly dressed, she soon tires and falls.  The pack finds her and howls to alert the girl’s dog until she is reunited with her family.

The little girl has the option to turn away from the wolf pup and continue on home, but she chooses to help another in distress disregarding her own safety and comfort.  This is a an excellent example to demonstrate how we should consider our actions and help others regardless of whom they may be as best we can.

Ages 2-6.

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