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Zip! Zoom! On a Broom




by Teri Sloat
illustrated by Rosalinde Bonnet
Little, Brown & Company





This rhyming counting book will get everyone in the Halloween mood.  Count up to ten with these spooky witches as they gather in the basement of the haunted house to mix a potion, then cram onto a magic broom to escape the dragon maid.  As they fly through the sky, one by one they tumble off, counting back to one, leaving the smallest witch to fly across the moon.

There is lots to find within the drawings – skeletons playing cards, ghosts making tea, hidden numbers, Dracula in his coffin, and a dragon!  And of course, each witch has her own spooky appearance with crooked noses, wild hair, and crazy hats and shoes. The rhyme is easy, and children will be chanting along in no time. However, some pictures may be too scary for the very young.

A fun way to get ready for Halloween and learn the numbers one to ten.

PreK-Grade 3

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